Denver County Local Coordinating Council – April 15

Denver County Local Coordinating Council met remotely hosted by DRMAC. Jyotsna Khattri, Community Engagement Specialist with RTD was introduced as the new chair of the LCC. Caleb Susuras, Community Resource Specialist with DRCOG gave a presentation on DRCOG’s Transportation Voucher Program. Bus tickets, Access-a-Ride tickets, and vouchers for rideshare service, HopSkipDrive, are available. Prior to COVID 19, this voucher program succeeded in expanding capacity for older adults to book personal trips, a longtime gap in services in the region. Those interested in DRCOG’s Transportation Voucher Program can contact DRCOG at 303-480-6700. Following the presentation, a proposed project plan focused on making transit safe and attractive for youth in Sun Valley was discussed. Additionally, attendees shared how their operations had changed as a result of COVID 19. The next meeting is Wednesday, May 20 at 9am.