Denver County Local Coordinating Council (DCLCC) – January 20, 2021

9-10 AM Zoom Meeting

Sun Valley Project Update

  • Subgroup met with Sun Valley Youth center in late 2020.
    • People in Sun Valley are already using transit out of necessity. Once people are able to afford a car, they switch from using transit to driving. Maintaining long-term transit riders is important. Students who attend school outside of the neighborhood can spend up to two hours on their trips to school.
    • An event can take place in 2021 – can potentially provide RTD swag.
  • Safety and Security Subcommittee:
    • DPD/RTD Transit Police ride-alongs are on hold currently.
    • Lindsey will be working with the RTD Transit Police to get them involved in a future event.
  • Welcome Back Packet
    • Includes information about neighborhood resources, organizations
    • Will need to figure out how to print/cost, trifold?
    • Would Sun Valley Kitchen want to partner and include their menu on the document?
    • Could post at the neighborhood recreation centers and libraries.
    • Provide feedback by Friday, January 29, 2021.

2021 Goal Setting

  • DCLCC website – be able to find contacts, minutes, future agendas/meetings, etc.
    • Put on a free hosting platform (i.e. Wix)
    • Host on DRMAC’s website
  • Continue this youth in transit program in Sun Valley and expand to different neighborhoods.
    • Montbello
      • Community Circulator as supplementary RTD service launching this year.
      • Many residents use transit as a necessity until they can afford a vehicle.
      • Community partners – local TMA, other community organizers
        • Work with partners already working on projects in Montbello and join engagement efforts (to avoid survey fatigue)
        • Montbello FreshLo Partners, hosted by the Montbello Community Partners – meeting in February
        • Mayra will be working on a survey for the Montbello community for a project, please let her know if any transit related questions should be included.
      • West Colfax
        • West side of Federal to Lakewood border.
        • Similar population to the Sun Valley Neighborhood.


  • Kate Williams – DRMAC is hosting travel training; the first session is geared toward transportation professions, and the second and third sessions are geared toward training new transit riders. Training goes through how to use the system, find stops and map routes, and how to purchase tickets.
  • Lindsey Alarcon – Will have RTD service planners speak to the group next meeting. Please bring questions/comments to the next meeting to help inform the next service change.
    • Service changes implemented on January 10, 2021.
    • RTD board was sworn in; Director Angie Malipede will service as chair.
  • Jyotsna Khattri – Ecopasses are much more flexible this year, especially if employers need to exclude remote employees.
  • Michael Hughes – participating in E-bike grant program at affordable housing developments to create a bike sharing program.
  • Carol Buchanan – DRMAC Member Meeting on February 2, 2021 from 1:30-3PM

Next meeting:

February 17, 2021; 9-10 AM

Zoom Meeting