Denver County Local Coordinating Council, December 15, 2021

Denver County Local Coordinating Council, December 15, 2021; 9-10 AM



  • Angie Malpiede – NETC, Blake Van Jacobs – CDOT, Cooper Langdon – RTD, David Krutsinger – DOTI/DCLCC Chair, Dianna Castro – DRMAC, Jaime Lewis – CCDC, Julia Wcislo – CDOT, Kate Williams – DRMAC, Kenna Davis – DRMAC TATF, Mark Patterson – Via Mobility Denver, Matthew Helfant – DRCOG, Michael Davies – RTD, Moira Moon – CDOT, Perla Gheiler – Office on Aging for CCD, Robbie Roppolo – Atlantis Community, Stephen Rijo – DOTI, Zach Gambetti-Mendez – DOTI

Micro mobility: Scooters & Bikeshare City-Wide Presentation: CCD DOTI Planning, Stephen Rijo

  • Evolution of Micromobility in Denver:
    • Denver B-Cycle ran from 2010-2020
    • Dockless Pilot Program (2018-2021) with 5-7 operators
    • Shared micromobility program (present) with 2 operators – Lime and Lyft
  • Current program
    • Limited number of operators allows for greater investments
    • No less than 20% of scooters to deploy bikeshare
    • Equity programs – nearly free programs
    • Opportunity Areas – 30% of daily deployment in Opportunity Areas (based on DOTI equity maps)
    • Seeing about 13k trips per day (equivalent to traffic on York St)
    • Working with operators to not have the pile-up seen when first launched – have structure in place for operators to respond to complaints or issues
    • Wanting to get ridership throughout the city, not just in downtown
  • Questions
    • Tracking injuries? – had a pilot program but was cumbersome and stopped during the pandemic; would like to track these more
    • Any adaptive vehicles coming? – want to expand to have more types of vehicles for all abilities
    • Who is liable when injuries happen? – not sure, case by case basis
    • Issues with service animals, blind persons, etc. – enforcement? – working to do enforcement for these issues, can use 311/pocketgov to report issues; building dataset of issues to target specific locations


Winter Bike-to-Work-Day pre-planning: CCD, Zack Gambetti-Mendez

  • Friday, February 11, 2022 – Denver is a top participating city world-wide
  • Goals include encouraging Denverites to use their bicycle as a commute option, even in the winter
  • Event held in conjunction with DRCOG at Bannock St (more information to come)
  • What you can do – promote the event or host your own station

Rountable Announcements & Discussion of Goals/Interests for 2022

  • Robbie – Open positions at Atlantis Community, including a housing emphasis position
  • Kate – Need to include Human Services agencies at the DCLCC (i.e. Denver Health, Kaiser, DaVita, Denver Housing, etc.); everyone could bring someone new to the next meeting to expand this group. I can invite someone from The Gathering Place to represent people experiencing homelessness.
  • Angie – Need to include students and seniors; be culturally competent and in multiple languages; work with City Council persons to engage with their transportation committees/groups.
  • Kenna – Denver Safe Routes to School Five Year Action Plan has been published and could present to this group
  • Moira – Policy and planning events in the community – is this still a good formula? Do we want to see completion of a project, is that our role? Pre-pandemic, this group was doing in-person listening session and working with the youth, RTD safety staff in the Sun Valley neighborhood.
  • David – Developing data policies for seniors at CCD, want to grow transit ridership within the Denver programs.
  • Jaime – Watching the new Federal money to make sure it is spread equitably
  • Perla – The Office on Aging works with partners in the City, such as Vision Zero, work on Colfax, etc., so that the aging community has a voice in these projects. In 2022 going to look at their aging assessment – access to transportation is still an issue for aging adults in the community.


Next meeting Date: Wednesday, January 19th at 9am