Denver voters overwhelmingly support the City’s plans to increase safety and mobility options

You may have heard that our city has reached a “tipping point” in its non-car transportation patterns, that we’re nearing the glorious intersection of safe, accessible bike infrastructure and a lot of two-wheeled vehicles carrying folks to work, school, the doctor, the grocery store, and anywhere else you like.

As a coalition of organizations working together to reclaim Denver’s streets for people walking, biking, rolling, and using transit, and to build safe, healthy, equitable communities, the Denver Streets Partnership celebrates this cultural shift away from car-centric transportation modes.

We also believe that Denver is ready for more, and apparently you do, too.

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Denver Streets Partnership, a staggering number of Denver residents want safe, multi-modal streets.

In a survey of 500 active Denver voters, results showed:

Two out of three Denverites would use mobility options other than driving to get around the City if those options were available and convenient
Two out of three Denverites are inclined to support businesses that demonstrate a commitment to multimodal transportation solutions
79 percent support the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan and efforts to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries
80 percent support Denver’s plan to add 125 miles of bike lane
Nearly 60 percent of voters support increasing the number of dedicated bike lanes, even if it means less on-street parking in front of their home or business
The following groups support safer and easier access to alternative modes of transportation:
80 percent of total voters
More than 80 percent of African American, Hispanic and White voters
Nearly 90 percent of voters ages 18-49
70 percent of voters over the age of 50

These results confirm our governing assumption: folks all over Denver want big investments in the safety and accessibility of our streets. It’s time to see improvements in Denver that will lead to reduced traffic fatalities and increased opportunities to move around our city without using a car. This won’t happen without leadership, persistence, and a broad coalition of support.

Here at the Denver Streets Partnership, we’re working to make this vision a reality.

That means building the coalition of community organizations advocating for people-friendly streets. It means working with neighborhood organizations and community members all across Denver to amplify the voices of people who know their communities best. And it means holding our City Council members and Mayor Hancock accountable for delivering on their promise to prioritize non-car transportation modes in pursuit of a safer and more livable city.

We couldn’t do this work without you, and attending public meetings and advocating for people-friendly streets is one of the most impactful ways you can join our work.

However, as part of the ongoing effort to protect Denver residents from COVID-19, the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has postponed several community meetings in the next few weeks.

Please monitor the events page on our website for information regarding these meetings, alternative methods for providing input, and other information as it becomes available.