JEFFTAAG- Jefferson County Transportation Action and Advocacy Group – July 29th, 2020


  • Celeste Caulkins
  • Steve Durian
  • Jacob Riger (DRCOG)
  • Mark Westberg
  • Ron Papsdorf (DRCOG)
  • Lindsay Towsend
  • Alvan- Bidal Sanchez
  • Aaron Heomann
  • Steve Glueck
  • Mike Whiteaker
  • Jocelyn Mills.

Main goal was to talk about the list and narrow it down to what is the biggest priority and if that is the right direction to go in.

They are going to create a list and re-convene with RTD and DRCOG.

One of the conversations were around widening Wadsworth to 6 lanes. The question was asked, “is 6 lanes the right solution”- Ron Papsdorf

The question was brought up because the safety approach is not being considered. This is why asking about whether expanding the lanes is in the interest and safety of the pedestrians or drivers. Ron asked if building would cause more traffic, how will it lesson the safety issues and pollution?

Steve said that they were never told to put safety on the plan.

Mike brought up the issues on Colfax and Teller and how they want to either add a 3rd lane or look at pedestrians, bikes, and crossing to lesson the high rate of crashes. He said, “Are we going to stop congestion or build more stuff?”

Ron stated, “If you build a system for cars, you’ll get cars. If you build for pedestrians and bikes, you’ll get pedestrians and bikes and decrease pollution.”

What will be needed for the next meeting is the project names and descriptions. They want to square this away in the next couple of weeks.

Due to this new deadline, they are going to meet for the next couple of Wednesdays for 1-2 hours till their deadline which is August 19th. This is when they need to have everything approved and sent to DRCOG.

They also wanted to get someone to sit in on the Mainstreet initiative proposal. They want John to sit on the panel to represent JEFFTAAG.