Transportation Solutions Arapahoe County (TSAC) – October 18, 2021

Transportation Solutions Arapahoe County (TSAC) – October 18, 2021

Attendance: Richard Blubaugh (Centennial Senior Commission), Carol Buchanan (DRMAC), Jeff Fernengel (Arc of Aurora), Susan Ganz (Love INC), Paula Hillman (Centennial Senior Commission), Mark Patterson (Via), Gloria Shea (Aurora Commission for Active Adults), Rachel Walker (Developmental Pathways), Melanie Ward (City of Centennial) • Guests: Bill Sirois, Julie Skeen – both representing Reimagine RTD

Finance Report: No money has been spent this last month. It was the consensus of the group that new pens with the updated email address would be purchased for use at outreach events. A table runner which also needs to be updated will be adapted for use in the short-term.

Reimagine RTD Brainstorm:  Julie Skeen, Consultant for Reimagine RTD presented the most current information on Reimagine and led a discussion on RTD into the Future.

Report on DRMAC’s Transportation Options Workshop: Richard Blubaugh reported there were about 40 people were in attendance. The presenters were from RTD’s Access-s-Ride, DRMAC, and DRCOG’s Transportation Vouchers program.

Bustang: Andrea Suhaka provided an update on her interactions with CDOT re: getting Bustang/Outrider service to the eastern end of Arapahoe County. This project has suddenly gained traction with the Bustang director requesting a meeting. Bennett has reached out to several of the small communities at the east end of ArapCo, and they are still very interested.

Report from members on engagement with city/town councils: No one has met with a city or town council to share info about TSAC. Several are “in the works” and updates are expected at the December meeting. Several members requested the elevator speech to introduce TSAC, the new TSAC flyer, and the municipalities.

Next Meeting: December 20 at 1pm via Zoom.