Boulder Mobility and Access Coalition (MAC), October 11, 2021

Boulder Mobility and Access Coalition (MAC), October 11th 2021


Community Updates



  • City of Boulder Shared Micromobility Pilot, Kevin Crouse & Nico Probst
    • They are bringing e-bikes into the community and are introducing them to places like libraries or Boulder Housing Partners units. Additionally, they’re looking to integrate bike share with the transit app, introduce more stations in underserved areas, and expand low-income pass programs.
      • In regard to Lime & Boulder, there is a mission to bring dockless mobility to the area. They have a low-income program (50% discount. Users can make cash payments through PayNearMe partnership. To minimize the number of scooters parked in random places that are in the way, they’re working on identifying places for users to park scooters.
    • Boulder County Vison Zero Plan, Alex Hyde-Wright & Amy Lacourse
      • Taking a shift in approach to traffic safety (i.e., traffic deaths are preventable, taking human failure into account, systems-based approach…) The goal is to eliminate severe crashes. One way to address and prevent this is to install centerline rumble strips. Vision Zero community partnership meetings are held virtually and next meeting is mid-November. If you’re interested email Amy at

Next Boulder MAC meeting is November 8th, 2021 from 2-4pm