Reimagine RTD Technical Working Group – March 10, 2021

Reimagine RTD’s Technical Working Group (TWG) reconvened on March 10 after a break during which RTD welcomed a new general manager, the Accountability Committee began their work, and RTD implemented changes related to COVID. At this meeting, RTD General Manager, Debra Johnson was introduced to the TWG. This was followed by some RTD updates about COVID ridership impacts, their mid-term financial plan, and new demand response partnerships.

Consultants present at the meeting reviewed the 2020 Reimagine activities which included a Location Based Services (LBS) data analysis and a Comprehensive Assessment of Services (CAS). The CAS included:

Detailed analysis and compilation of RTD performance metrics

  • Route-level evaluations
  • Demographics
  • Travel patterns

Comparison of RTD metrics to six peer transit agencies

  • Supply vs. demand
  • Service effectiveness
  • Cost efficiency

Key Findings

  • Local routes are most productive
  • Growth in boardings has not kept up with regional population growth
  • Generally more boardings per revenue hour than peers
  • Generally higher costs per revenue hours than peer

Additionally, a Statistically Valid Community Survey (Customers vs. Non-Customers) was conducted with the following key findings:

  • services occasionally for recreation-related purposes
  • Many customers describe RTD as convenient and reliable
  • Many customers indicate they will use RTD less as a result of COVID
  • Clean vehicles, hand sanitizer, and fewer passengers could encourage ridership
  • Reliability, convenient stops, and frequency are most important factors for transit
  • Most people interested in RTD acting as full provider, rather than integrator, of transportation services

Developing Guiding Principles for RTD to use in planning was discussed. Consultants explained Guiding Principles would be:

  • Value statements that guide RTD decision-making
  • A foundation for decisions on RTD’s service delivery
  • A framework for Mobility Plan for the Future
  • Planning tools leading to detailed outcomes and strategies developed under each Guiding Principles

TWG members participated in brainstorming strategies under each proposed guiding principle.