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DRCOG Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – April 26, 2021

DRCOG Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – April 26, 2021 The DRCOG TAC meeting was held April 26, 2021 via Zoom. There was no public comment, and no corrections or additions were made to the meeting summary from the April 5, 2021…
IT Help Needed

IT Help Needed

DRMAC is seeking some donated IT help. One hour per week with mostly simple requests. Please contact if you're feeling generous with your amazing skills!
Eyes On Ice Forum

Eyes on ICE Forum

On Biden's 100th day in office, CIRC will host a virtual town hall in partnership with Mijente to give Coloradans who have experienced and organized against cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of ICE an opportunity to put a spotlight on…
Front line worker

Tracking Coronavirus As It Spreads Through Latino Communities In Telluride Exposes Health Care Inequities

Early in the pandemic, Ximena Rebolledo León, a registered nurse at Telluride Regional Medical Center in southwestern Colorado, needed to find everyone who’d been in contact with a sick Latino worker whose boss had told him he would lose…
president of East LA Community Corporation

It Was Just 30 Units, But An East LA Apartment Fire Underscores The Veteran Housing Crisis

In September, Manuel Bernal got horrible news: a fire had destroyed the nearly-finished Nuevo Amanecer apartment complex in East Los Angeles. It would have provided desperately-needed low-income housing, including 30 units for veterans.
Nga Vuong-Sandoval Mural

Detour has a new mural welcoming refugees and immigrants. Here’s where to find it

It’s in Five Points and it’s of Nga Vuong-Sandoval, a refugee who fled Vietnam with her family as a child — and who now advocates for the rights of other refugees and immigrants.
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CLEAR CREEK LOCAL COORDINATING COUNCIL (LLC) - APRIL 21, 2021 The Clear Creek Local Coordinating Council meet virtually on Wednesday April 21 at 11:30. The group talked about the summer program that the Clear Creek Metro Recreation District…
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Boulder Local Coordinating Council (LLC) – April 12, 2021

Boulder Local Coordinating Council (LCC) April 12, 2021 Location: Zoom virtual meeting Frequency: 2nd Monday of every month 2:00pm-4:00pm until Dec 13, 2021 Mission – Overcome transportation gaps in the community, Multi-modal education   Speaker: Commissioner…

How to shop without destroying the climate

A couple of years ago, Tim De Chant wanted a deep freezer, so he could more easily manage grocery shopping and meal prep for a growing family. As a science journalist and lecturer at MIT, he was conscious of how much energy freezers suck when…
Prevent Foggy Eyeglasses

How to Prevent Foggy Glasses While Wearing a Face Mask

Masks are a crucial way to decrease the spread of COVID-19, but these mouth-and-nose coverings cause a few nuisances, including fogged-up eyeglasses. When it's cold, your breath puffing up through the top of the mask clouds the lenses, especially…