How Urban Design Affects Mental Health

When he worked as an occupational therapist in community mental health, Robin Mazumder once met with a man in Edmonton who had survived a suicide attempt. When Mazumder asked him what had prompted him to try to end his life, the man replied,…

“Transportation is Absolutely a Social Determinant of Health”

There seems to always be a discussion on what constitutes as a social determinant of health, such as nutrition or housing. However, transportation needs to be equally considered, according to Uber Health chief Dan Trigub.
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Our TATF Members Are Being Heard

Colorado lawmakers hear from people with disabilities as RTD struggles to provide service.

Chicago Has a New Way to Stop Drivers Who Misuse Bus and Bike Lanes

The next time a Windy City parking aide sees a driver idling in the BRT lane, they'll have a new tool to make the scofflaw pay.

The Future of the 16th Street Mall!

Open House - Future of 16th Street Mall Thursday, February 27 Noon to 1pm & 5pm to 6pm Wellington Webb Municipal Building Atrium   Learn more about the plan to rebuild and modernize 16th Street Mall. The project team will…
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How to apply for VA health care

Find out how to apply for VA health care benefits as a Veteran or service member.

Veteran Information from HUD (Department of Housing & Urban Development)

What is HUDVet? HUDVet facilitates collaboration among Federal agencies and veteran-serving organizations regarding programs for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Contact
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Securing an Accurate 2020 U.S. Census

Information from CASTA newsletter: Political Gain for Colorado - According to projected population changes, Colorado could gain seats in the House of Representatives. Financial Gain for Colorado - Each person counted brings $2,300 per…