Manage Your Representative for VA Claims

You can appoint an attorney, claim agent, or VSO to act on your behalf in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for VA benefits (38 U.S.C. 5902, 5903, and 5904). If you have an open application for a representative for VA…

Better Together

The Denver Streets Partnership is excited to announce that we are now a fully-staffed multimodal advocacy organization with greater capacity to reclaim Denver’s streets for people and make them safer for everyone

Americans spend over 15% of their budgets on transportation costs—these US cities are trying to make it free

Americans are spending more time — and money — commuting than ever before. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American spends 25.9 minutes a day traveling to work one way — that adds up to just over four hours every…

The Way a City Handles Snow Says Everything About How It Treats Pedestrians

When streets and sidewalks require clearing, cars’ needs always come first.