Transportation Solutions Arapahoe County (TSAC) – December 17, 2020

TSAC, Arapahoe County’s Local Coordinating Council, met on December 17th via Zoom. Zamy Silva from RTD’s office of Civil Rights gave a presentation on the role and responsibilities of the Civil Rights office. Chair, Andrea Suhaka provided…
Woman worker in front of lightrail

Women Changing Transportation: The Conversations

The Women Changing Transportation program is pleased to present the second installment of videos from our conversation series.
Peking Duck Dinner

Where to get Christmas takeout for you or the family around Denver

Peking duck, feasts of seven fishes, a “Jewish Christmas,” holiday tamales and more.
RTD tickets

RTD 2020 Exchange Policy for 10-Ride Ticket Books & Access-a-Ride Ticket Books

10-Ride tickets or Access-A-Ride tickets can be exchanged for credit towards 2021 fare products until January 31, 2021. Unused tickets expired as of December 31, 2020 will be accepted as valid fare payment until January 31, 2021.

Boulder County Local Coordinating Council (LCC) – December 16, 2020

12/14/2020 Boulder LCC Mission – Overcome transportation gaps in the community – including multi-modal education Boulder LCC Priorities Understand Medicaid transportation better Ride Free Longmont and now Ride Free Lafayette …
Person waiting to ride public transit

Public transit is a lifeline for low-income residents. They will bear the brunt of service cuts.

Commuting to her overnight shift as a part-time security guard has been an ordeal for 74-year-old Judith Howell, who says she “babysits an office building” in downtown Washington at a time when most of the city sleeps.
Electric car batteries

How A Colorado Startup Could Change The Game For Electric Cars

Doug Campbell is on a mission to harden the hearts of electric cars.
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U.S. Public Transportation Is Facing A “Make Or Break” Moment

This could be the end of U.S. public transit as we know it. Whether that will be a good or bad thing depends on what happens next.

Four Ways Cars Pollute Our Lives — Besides the Tailpipe

Even if we electrified our entire vehicle fleet overnight, pollution from the production and use of cars would still make us (and the planet) sick — and policymakers should start pushing for strong policy to mitigate the impacts of non-tailpipe…