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Denver County Local Coordinating Council, January 19, 2022

Denver County Local Coordinating Council January 19, 2022; 9-10 AM via Zoom Introductions Christian Steward – DOTI, Cooper Langdon – RTD Service Planning, David Krutsinger – DOTI/DCLCC Chair, Dianna Castro – DRMAC, Jaime Lewis – CCDC, Jeff Prillwitz – CDOT, Julia Wcislo – CDOT, Kenna Davis – DRMAC TATF, Matthew Helfant – DRCOG , Michael […]

Clear Creek LCC, January 19, 2022

Clear Creek LCC Meeting 1/19/22 Attendance: AnnMarie Smith, Beth Luther, Tom Stone, Matthew Helfant, Mitch Houston   RoundAbout- Shared stats of ridership for 2017-2021 – Record High for 2021 with 11,123 riders. They discussed our funding options and what applications we have submitted (5311, 5304, 5339). Applied for 2 buses in 2021.   Loveland is getting […]

INC Transportation Committee, January 13, 2022

INC Transportation Committee January 13, 2021, 6:00-8:00 PM Virtual Meeting via Zoom   Complete Streets: From Design Guidelines to Standards — David Pulsipher, DOTI City Planner Supervisor In 2020, Denver completed the creation of the Complete Streets Design Guidelines which includes contextual and visual guiding principles for the city’s public right-of-way and detailing how we allocate […]

Broomfield LCC January 14, 2022

Broomfield LCC January 14, 2022   In attendance: Sarah Grant, Marc Ambrosi, Nikki Crouse, Jennifer Hussey, Bob Davis, Stephanie O’Neill Group Updates: Broomfield Easy Ride – They have hired new drivers and one will hopefully help operate their larger vehicles. Services have been expanded to include the Erie King Soopers. The scheduling requirement has been […]

Broomfield LCC, December 12, 2021

Broomfield LCC, December 12, 2021 Attendees: Nikki Crouse, Teague Kirkpatrick, Sarah Grant, Penn Street, Dean Bennett, Stephanie O’Neill   Meeting information will be covered in the Broomfield newsletter from this point forward. Sign up for the newsletter here: https://ccobroomfield.formstack.com/forms/b_in_the_loop   Teague Kirkpatrick reported that he went to a transit conference a few weeks ago and […]

Denver County Local Coordinating Council November 17, 2021

Denver County Local Coordinating Council November 17, 2021; 9-10 AM Zoom Meeting Introductions Blake Van Jacobs – CDOT, Carol Buchanan – DRMAC, Charlie Stanfield – RTD, Dani McLean – CDOT, David Krutsinger – DOTI, Jaime Lewis – Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, Julia Wcislo – CDOT, Justin Begley – City and County of Denver, Kenna Davis […]